Bayat Villa 04

Discover a world where luxury meets serenity at Bayat Villa 04. This exclusive project, featuring 8 meticulously crafted villas, offers a bespoke living experience that caters to your unique desires, blending privacy with modern elegance.

Bayat Flats 22

Step into the realm of Bayat Flats 22, where modern sophistication and timeless elegance are seamlessly blended to forge your dream home. The project boasts 88 meticulously designed units, offering a sanctuary of privacy and modernity.

Bayat Flats 21

Experience sophisticated living at Bayat 21. Offering bespoke living spaces tailored to your distinct needs. With its contemporary aesthetics, prime location, and cutting-edge facilities, this unique project offers an excellent opportunity for luxury and comfort in the heart of Riyadh.

Bayat Flats 19

Discover where luxury and comfort intersect. Bayat 19 offers an exceptional opportunity to experience worry-free living in luxurious spaces that redefine modern living, featuring unique design, prime location, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Bayat Flats 18

Experience exquisite living, redefined. Bayat 18 offers an exceptional opportunity for worry-free living with its unique design, ideal location, and advanced facilities. Tailored to cater to diverse lifestyles, our apartments provide a serene environment perfect for relaxation and comfort.

Bayat Flats 17

Immerse in the essence of refined living. Bayat 17 revolutionizes modern life with its distinctive design and advanced facilities. An unparalleled opportunity to live worry-free in luxury, suited for everyone, from young families to single professionals and empty nesters.

Bayat Flats 16

Uncover a personal sanctuary of luxury in the urban expanse. Bayat 16 redefines luxury living with its modern design, strategic location, and advanced amenities. A unique chance to experience worry-free living in comfort and elegance.

Bayat Flats 15

Discover the apex of contemporary elegance and functionality. Bayat 15 offers a unique experience of modern living with its exceptional design, prime location, and state-of-the-art facilities. An extraordinary opportunity for worry-free luxury living.

Bayat Flats 13

Immerse yourself in a fusion of luxury and innovation. Bayat 13’s stylish living spaces, unique design, and cutting-edge facilities redefine modern living. An excellent opportunity to enjoy luxury and comfort, free from worries.

Bayat Flats 12

Embrace a lifestyle where elegance meets practicality. Distinctive architecture, a strategic location, and advanced amenities set Bayat 12 apart from the rest. Every aspect of the units reflects our commitment to exceptional living experiences.